Monday, October 12, 2015

Colorado HeinkelFest 2015

I attended the Colorado HeinkelFest in Colorado Springs in last month. I’ve attended 3 out of 4 modern-era HeinkelFests, which are wonderfully organized on a biennial basis by Mike McWilliams of 
At the Summit with my Heinkel Scooter

You can read all about the 2013 event here on my blog:
The 2015 edition had longer rides, worldwide representation (we had three visitors from Germany) and my own scooter which I shipped out for the event!

I’ve attached some pictures below. Most of the good pictures I didn’t take and want to thank Erin Woodard, Mike Meyers, Mike McWilliams, and Werner Schluter. If you took one of these pictures and I didn't give you credit please let me know.

In case it's not obvious, a  great time was had by all!

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  1. You should have taken your Kabine - Just to be different
    Well done