Saturday, July 25, 2015

Heinkel Scooter Refresh

I became interested in Heinkel cars because I had a Heinkel scooter, One day I got a letter from a guy in Kansas City offering to sell me his project car for $2,500. And was it a project! But it got me thinking, and now I have 2 cars and still have my scooter.

I'm going to HeinkelFest 2015 in Colorado Springs and I'm shipping my scooter out so I can ride to the top of Pikes Peak and some other great places. Before I go I wanted to make sure my scooter was in top operating condition (as well as immaculate).  Time for a refresh.

Here are some pre-restoration pictures:

#Heinkel Scooter
Heinkel 103-a2 pre restoration

Jet Age Looks- but not acceleration!

First Task: New seat foam and custom seat cover from the German Heinkel Club:
Side View of Heinkel Scooter Seat

Rear View of Seat
 Task Two: Steering Fork Bearing Overhaul:
Removing the Heinkel Fork

66 Ball Bearings- 33 top and bottom

#Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Adjusting the Steering Column Tension- Dialing in just the right amount
Task 3: Leak fixing- you don't need to see pictures of that. Check out this blog post for how to fix them in both cars and scooters:

Here's the finished project:
Side View of Heinkel Scooter

Heinkel Scooters
Another View- you can see the custom seat foam shape

With Rare NOS Heinkel Shield
Here are some pictures comparing my car to my scooter:
Heinkel Scooter and Car 

Heinkel Car and Scooter

Heinkel Car and Scooter

Heinkel Car and Scooter

Some more road testing and I'll be all ready to go.

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